Diversity in the Workplace at Sunway Holdings

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Sunway Holdings was incorporated in 2010. Starting as a local tin-mining and quarrying company back in 1974, Sunway Holdings was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia as a leading regional property and construction company. ( Sustainability Report, 2011) As Sunway is one of Malaysia’s most recognised and outstanding groups with more than 8000 employees over 40 locations worldwide, issues of cultural diversity in workplace has been challenged.
Cultural Diversity in Sunway’s Workplace
Sunway embrace diversity at the workplace by employing people from different backgrounds to have a better understanding of today’s dynamic market demographics. Since there is a diverse workforce, the employees play an important role in the contribution of our company work performance as they have become more competitive in today’s challenging and globalised economy. The real challenge comes when they encounter conflicts due to differences among individuals from different cultural groups which negatively affect our company’s workgroup outcomes.
Factors of Cultural Diversity
Sunway tends to face cultural diversity conflict because of the differences in terms of language and communication style under ethnic origin, gender, and age among employees.
Ethnic Origins
People of different ethnic backgrounds have different attitudes and values in workplace. It can be seen that same cultural groups have better outcomes in our company because they possess the same ideas and point of views due to their

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