Essay Diversity is about Change

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Diversity is about Change
Changes in population, changes in attitude, and changes in education. As this world continues to grow, meeting the challenges of diversity will also grow. Demographers across the world estimate that world population will increase to 10-11 billion by year 2050. United States makes up 4% of this total. The United States' population percentage of the world's total will grow because many people will immigrate to the U.S. As the immigration population of the U.S. increases, diversity challenges will also increase in intensity and number. If the population growth continues in an exponential fashion, we will exceed our carrying capacity, creating a tragic decline in population. Such a
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They want an education. As these children enter our school systems, they bring diversity with them, diversity in skin color, diversity in language, diversity in religious beliefs.
As populations change, our attitudes must change as well. I will use these diversities as a tool in my classroom to help children change their attitudes. We will celebrate skin colors like we celebrate colors of the rainbow. New languages can be difficult when they interfere with a child trying to read or write in a second language. I will always encourage children to have patience with second language learners, to appreciate their native languages as well as celebrate their achievements in their new language. My mentor teacher, Mrs. Vieira, uses the top group of students in her class to work with the Spanish-speaking children. This is a great technique and I will certainly use it in my own classroom. Both students benefit, one by understanding the difficult nature of learning a new language and the other by having one on one instruction time with an English speaking person. I have noticed that children take great pride as the Spanish-speaking children move to new levels of the English language. Their attitudes change about their fellow students, which seems to develop a positive bond between these students. Many cultures celebrate different types of holidays. There are many different methods in which I will share these holidays. One method, of which, I have learned
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