Diverty And Poverty In Haiti

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UCI Haiti “Manje? Manje?” With empty, open hands and pleading eyes, I am asked by a five year old Haitian if I have any food. His rounded stomach is malnourished from eating mud pies. It is mid morning, when this child should be in school, but instead he is at home. In the background, his mom and three siblings outside their one-room house with mud floors and walls, a thatch roof, and open windows. The poverty level in Haiti is at a heartbreaking high which can be lessened by becoming educated and acting on the problem so Haitians in need can reap major benefits. Hunger, homelessness, poverty, and lack of education grip the entire country of Haiti. More than two million Haitians are homeless. That number significantly rose when an earthquake struck the island in 2010. Because so many people lost their homes in the earthquake, IDP (internally displaced people) camps were set up for those who did not have adequate shelter. (Last two sentences: Amnesty.org) However, IDP camps are randomly evacuated, leaving thousands of people instantly homeless and on their own. Most of the population lives in rural areas. A majority of the houses are two room huts with mud walls and floors. The roofs are thatched with grasses and palm leaves or covered with sheet metal if it can be afforded. The lack of housing or quality of housing leads to many grumbling stomachs. Many Haitians are malnourished and starving. It is reported that over 100,000 children under the age of five suffer from

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