Divided Minds and the Nature of Persons

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Reflective Essay: Divided Minds and the Nature of Persons Derek Parfit believes that split-brain cases support the Bundle Theory because split brain cases appear to demonstrate two levels of consciousness, rather than suggesting that consciousness is destroyed in people whose sub-dominant hemispheres are destroyed. The suggestion that there are multiple levels of consciousness aligns with Parfit's understanding of Bundle Theory, although his explanation of Bundle Theory does not limit itself to two dimensions of consciousness. On the contrary, under Parfit's explanation, Bundle Theory suggests an almost infinite variety of levels of consciousness, which, when taken as a whole form the experience that one refers to as a human life. Therefore, to have dual experiences of consciousness would not conflict with Bundle Theory. Parfit using Bundle Theory as a jumping off point to explain how he believes that some of our common beliefs about humans are mistaken. He talks about the idea that Bundle Theorists deny the existence of persons. Obviously, they do not outright deny that people exist. Instead, what they deny is that people have an existence that goes beyond their actions and feelings. Instead of being independent beings, humans are more of a series of events. This is a significant element because it helps highlight where Parfit believes that humans have erroneous beliefs about the nature of people. The vast majority of people believe in something similar to the Ego,
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