Divided We Stand, United We Fall

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Divided we stand, United we fall The European Crisis has become a never-ending commotion, which has been affecting the countries in the Eurozone since early 2009. A Combination of complex factors, including the globalization and low interest rates, increased the capacity of the high-risk lending and borrowing practices. This creates a huge imbalance in International trade, and hence, the great recession took place from the time of 2007-2008 putting the European union under great pressure. This increases the unemployment significantly, which put the European government under a huge debt because of poor fiscal policy choices, with respect to the government’s revenues and expenses. ”The first pick up of this commotion was from Greece which unveiled a lot of mysteries showing huge deficits in its budget which rotes the rest of the bunch followed by Ireland and Portugal which raised huge flags for the rest of the Eurozone states.”… (Belkin). The countries of the Eurozone facing huge political issues are creating economic issues for the politically and economically strong nations of the Eurozone. Since the crisis has been under motion and has taken its toll on many unemployed workforce there has been some debate about the countries to go their separate ways and become independent, as it has been said that one rotten apple can rot the whole bunch. The same can be said for the Eurozone where the countries that have created huge problems because of the uniform
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