Divine Archetypes Paper

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Glauren Marzina Skyphire, an ancient being that is an indirect descendant to the gods and goddesses. Born in Atlantis, a village to be known to be great, powerful, and full of smart scientists. One such one was the King Vestis, who experimented on his own family mixing the technology of nano bots and DNA of various creature and humans injecting the mix into himself, and his family. In doing so he created a new line of beings. In this new line of beings some seemed rather normal, with just gained extra strength, foresight, and other slight physical or mental differences. Others gained powers, like moving things by words or by mind, some could control others. The most however, took on odd hungers or thirsts, for flesh, blood and for some…show more content…
She is always seen wearing jewelry with natural gem stones fixed into it, various stones has various meanings and uses. She walks around with the royal grace, carrying her powerful status with pride, making sure it is known that her family is to be seen as rulers of the Earth, She was highly trained in combat, her specialty in weapons is her pulsating gun blade sword, that is taller than her, as well as wide as her, the weight of it matches her own, she lifts it with ease with her gained strength from the experiments. The sword creates pulsating waves, creating disturbances within the air, and can create earthquakes and tsunamis, when hits the earth or water. It is always kept on her by a special carrying case, that makes it appear smaller and normal until it is drawn. The handle has etches of family symbols and runes, and has a trigger that can fire off a type of bullets as well as trigger the pulsating waves. She is also always carrying a special bag full of survival items, such as food, clothes, scrolls and quill, as well as a bag of gems, some of which contains souls she had captured. She also has the power of foresight, meaning she can see events throughout the endless loop of time. Most of her visions of the future comes to her when she is in her light stages, where she gets hints on how to stop Vestis, she takes the time to leave hints for her kids and other future generations. When in the darkness stages, she still gets visions, but often on ways to
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