Divine Command And Natural Law Theory

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Growing up in a Christian household I have always felt that my own ethical code was largely shaped by the rules and laws that are stated in the bible. Although I don 't agree with some interpretations of these rules and laws, as I’ve grown up I have developed my own code stemming deeply from my religion. For this reason, I believe that divine command/natural law theory are the closest related ethical systems to my own ethical code even though there are many flaws that come with them.
Divine command is an ethical system that derives heavily from a religious background. This system believes that since God is the creator and ruler of all, he is the one who decides the ethical and moral principles. It can be simply put as ““morally right” means “commanded by God” and “morally wrong” means “forbidden by God”” (Rachel, 2002). Because of this, moral correctness can only be found through religion. Since many of the rules and laws that come from divine command are so adamantly set into place, there are many flaws that can come from them.
One major flaw that develops from divine command is one of reason. In the classical sense of divine command all laws come straight from God. With these laws there are no questions asked to if they are truly right or wrong. With this said there are many different situations that can come to mind. One example can be in the form of a question. What would happen if God commanded that murder was considered morally right? With reasoning skills, we can see…
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