Divine Command Theory And Ethical Egoism

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In life, we face various situations or predicaments where we must ask ourselves, “what should we do? We know the most fundamental way to make a decision is to check whether it conflicts with our own moral belief. From that moral belief, we may do the right thing. However, sometimes doing the right thing may not be the best choice to go about the situation at hand. This is true when it comes to ethics. There are many ethical theories and groups who comprise of different ideals and choice. These ethical theories include natural law, strict Utilitarianism, rules Utilitarianism, social contract theory, virtue ethics and feminist ethics. Divine command theory, ethical egoism, and ethical pluralism. When given a situation, many of the above ethical…show more content…
Ethical egoism’s theory states we must look out for ourselves in any decision we make. Now, this is not a light decision, but based on this theory, you should slide this information under the carpet and continue as if you never received a file. Ethical Egoism sees its more important to consider the security and well-being of your role as President and a little of the American people in making an adamant decision rather than go on a wild reckless witch hunt, making it your job to bring these people to justice than focusing on running America. If you go a witch hunt, you’re not only leaving your position for question by the American people, but risking America’s strong power stance in world affairs. You would also receive a back-channeled plot to impeach your seat as President for going-after those who have done wrong and disgracing their political position. Ethical Egoism says it’s not worth risking all of this just to solve a political matter that can be solved later after your Presidency. The theory also questions whether by bringing those officials and your entire white house staff to pay for their crimes will do better than harm to the American people. The American people have their own view in trusting the government, but if they find out that those in power are corrupt, would that cause more harm? People would feel as if the White House and Congress have violated the…show more content…
Hence, the best choice is to resolve this situation. Now, utilitarianism sees that the President’s role is not an easy possible to make decisions. So, the theory suggests that you as President of the United States, should look at the bigger picture. Most of America voted you as President, and you are obligated to do what is right for the country than protect your position in the administration. Being President comes with a lot of responsibilities and getting justice for the American public is one of them. If a President cannot fully perform this responsibility, then it would be a swift four years and even impeachment. Every American believes that those who hold power should use it for the common-good rather than selfish gains. Now, ethical egoism outweighed the core responsibilities by the risks of more wrong doing by those who were selfish and violated everything they “stand for.” These include the Vice President, for his affair with your spouse, members of your cabinet, and more. They all took an oath, including yourself to uphold the law and tend the needs of the American people at home and abroad. Ethical Egoism’s base view is you should watch out for yourself, and secure your role as President. This is by ignoring the simple fact that there is corrupt in the public and private sector leading to the Vice President. However, this would be the worst decision. Whoever sent that folder and
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