Divine Command Theory--Anti-Abortion

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After several weeks of analyzing moral theory, the divine command theory prevails. Jehovah created us (page 7, Column 1) intrinsically valuable, in that we are each a temple, in and of ourselves. (Page 71 Column 1) Proven scientific knowledge includes the fact that in the 1769 King James Version (Isaiah 40:22), undisputedly references the circle of the earth. This is tantamount to believing in a higher being, which is in perfect accordance with the divine command theory, in that, the date of the aforementioned discovery by humankind was in the 15th century; only One Being could have shared this infinitesimal knowledge. The Bible is not a science book; it teaches through stories. However, whenever it makes an assertion relating to a…show more content…
Further, questioning moral beliefs and integrity of the mother should be in-depth. In other words, the premise of rape must be true, thereby enabling the women the right to her house or temple. Unfortunately, the way a woman is impregnated has no bearing on whether a fetus should be aborted. In fact, many women abort “mistakes,” after voluntary intercourse. I believe that abortion is just another term for murder. Furthermore, the violinist uses the woman as a means of life support, whereas the fetus actually belongs to the woman and it is her duty to conceive the child, as stated above, procreate. If the child is unwanted, then the said child can be given away. The latter complies with the divine command theory, in addition to being morally correct. The truth of the matter is that God knows us before we are born whereby mankind, including a fetus has the right to become living, breathing beings, just as the acorn was created to become an acorn tree. Of the many phrases in biblical text that refer to “life in the womb,” we must remember the story of how The Lord placed Jesus into his mother’s womb; named him; and declared a being with a spirit. Regardless of the many criticisms regarding this, if Mary aborted Jesus, it would have been murder. Additionally, if you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, maybe you should look deep into the immoral act that you are about to perpetrate before committing it. Ultimately, the sins of the individual will be addressed,
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