Divine Intervention : The American Revolution

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Divine interventions effect in the American Revolution
Imagine if the American Patriots had not been followers of faith, their hard fought fight for independence would have been lost. The effect of God on the revolution was essential to the victory of the Americans. Divine intervention led the Continental Army through the hardships of Valley Forge in the terrible winter of 1777. Later in the revolution God would produce two major thunderstorms to weaken the British forces and give the Americans a victory at the Battle of Yorktown. After this the American Army would be quelled by washington himself with the overwatch of christ. God’s divine intervention allowed not only Washington but his soldiers to be protected and guided through the most
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In the end of the winter Washington was in fact rewarded just like God had promised him, and in this case he was rewarded with a newly trained army. Without God 's influence on Washington 's character the army could very well have dissolved during the distraught winter without his leadership.
God was the motivation of Washington and his army at Valley Forge but the next thing he would produce to help solidify the American Revolution were the miraculous thunderstorms before the Battle of Yorktown. The two thunderstorms during the Battle of Yorktown were almost of coincidence, but, these thunderstorms were essential to the victory over the British. Divine intervention would prove what produced the thunderstorms that prohibited the British from fleeing Yorktown, and having the necessary naval reinforcements.“General Cornwallis planned an escape maneuver on the night of October 17th. The British forces would start to evacuate in small boats off of Gloucester Point, but a furious thunderstorm would strike and sweep the boats downstream stopping their retreat (Moran, Donald).” The British being forced to stay in Yorktown would make them vulnerable for an attack by the Americans. God intended to prevent the British from fleeing that day in order to help the Americans corner them and ensure their defeat. These storms were critical to winning the Battle of Yorktown and were something much more
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