Divine Justice In Dante's 5th Canto

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Canto 5
In the 5th canto Dante enters the second circle of Hell. Here, Dante places the unchaste lovers. This shows that Dante was heavily influenced by the puritanical extremism of the Medieval Catholic Church. The Medieval Catholic Church demonized the feeling of love. It considered the feeling sexual attraction as something impure, which is why all church bishops had to be virgin. Dante uses his own character’s emotions to show an important philosophical problem about the immorality of extramarital love that the real Dante Alighieri probably thought about.
This canto is important as it shows a philosophical clash of human emotions with the concept of Divine Justice. Here we can see that Dante presents himself as someone who is saddened by the fact that the lovers must suffer so much. Dante Alighieri himself was famous for his love of Beatrice, a woman he never married. So it is understandable why Dante would pity them, share their pain and
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Melebolge is the 8th circle of hell. It contains corrupt and hypocritical people. In the 29th canto Dante finds himself surrounded by damned souls who are guilty of simony. Among them is Pope Nicholas III who mistakes Dante for Pope Boniface VII, signaling that Boniface VII will soon arrive there as well.
This canto is interesting to historians as this gives us a unique perspective into the political climate of Florence and the medieval world at that time. Dante grew up as a Florentine Guelf. He was a politician in the city of Florence. He served as a member of Florentine Signoria. His political party was the Bianchi faction of Florentine Guelfs. They wanted more liberty for Florence and less power for the Pope. They were overthrown by the Neri faction of the Guelfs and the papal politicians. After that Dante was exiled out of Florence by the Neris. This is why it is obvious that Dante would put Boniface VIII in
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