Divine Law Vs. Human Law

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English A, Literature ― HL Written Assignment Divine Law vs. Human Law West Islip High School Léna Seltzer 003996-0069 May 2017 1472 Words Religion and State have historically battled over value of importance. For centuries, laws have been set forth to further the separation between the two. While good intentions were utilized in the creation of these statutes, it is challenging to shift the mindset of civilians who have worshiped religion above the state their entire lives. In the play, Antigone, Sophocles dramatizes the division between divine law and human law. Antigone personifies religion and the law of the gods, while Creon exemplifies human law. Inevitably, the disputes between the two ultimately result in the characters’ tragic fates. Sophocles uses a variety of literary techniques to strengthen the theme and central conflict of religion versus law. In Ancient Greek times, religion was known to play a direct and personal role in the lives of citizens. The concept of the body in Greek culture was celebrated to meet the demands of the gods, and the Ancient Greeks considered the physical body as something to be tended to. Without a proper burial, it was understood that the body of the deceased would be doomed to wander the Underworld in an eternal state of unrest. The importance of family, as stressed through religion, is exemplified when Antigone becomes distraught over the fact that King Creon has outlawed the proper burial of her older brother,
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