Diving Into the Wreck

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In “Diving Into The Wreck”, Rich’s well crafted imagery and use of an extended metaphor helps to develop a powerful theme. In this poem, Rich suggests once people go through a traumatic experience they tend to hide behind a false memory they create in order to protect themselves. In order for people to completely heal themselves, they must be willing to go back into the memories they have suppressed. By taking this journey, they can reclaim what beauty was lost and put to rest the damage that was done, allowing for a rebirth of their soul. Rich uses the images of preparing for a dive into a shipwreck to symbolize how one must prepare oneself for the journey of relooking at a painful memory. In order to prepare for the dive, the…show more content…
By looking at things in a different light, people are able to come out of the denial and see the experience for what it really was. This allows them to reclaim what was lost. After she explores the wreck, she “find[s] her way back to this scene carrying a knife, a camera, a book of myths in which our names do not appear” (89-94). She has freed herself with the knife blade, captured some things permanently with the camera and carries the book of myths which no longer has her name. People can free themselves after they have a record of the truth. Once this occurs, they have worked past the denial and the false memories they have created and are no longer a part of it as symbolized by the absence of names in the book of myths. This strong image of the exploration of the wreck show how by looking at an experience again, one can uncover the full truth and retrieve some of the good that was lost. Rich successfully uses strong images and an extended metaphor to establish a theme that shows that by re-examining a hurtful experience one can experience a rebirth of their
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