Diving With Sharks In Hawaii

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In Hawaii, the Hawaiian culture believes that all living things have a rightful place in the ecosystem and see no harm in sharks. On the contrary, the western culture believes that sharks are vicious predators which must be killed if it attacks or kills someone. The western culture would therefore question why anyone is foolish enough to dive with sharks, which has become a famous activity in Hawaii. Upon doing some research and conducting a few interviews, I can conclude that tourist and local people dive with sharks to learn about them, and to get an adrenalin rush.
Diving with sharks is a way for people to learn about sharks. According to Ocean Ramsey (2016), a shark and marine conservationist and biologist, the diving experience “covers shark biology and physiology, and how it
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However, upon doing some research, I was able to learn not only why people dive with sharks, but the benefits of it as well. Diving with sharks educates people on how to reduce the risk of adverse shark-human interactions by avoiding certain situation. In addition, when people get an adrenaline rush from diving with sharks, a protein that fights cancer cells increases. Upon conducting research, I was able to increase my knowledge about shark diving in Hawaii.
Considering that this research included the use of observation, I learned that I should not rush. For example, while reading a report, I skimmed it and did not understand what the author was trying to convey. Therefore, I took my time re-reading the report and understood the author’s point more. In addition, I also learned that I remembered specific detail if the detail sounded odd. For example, when I interviewed Ocean Ramsey, I thought her name was unique. Thus, I was able to remember certain details she gave me. Taking my time and remembering things by using odd words, I am able to be a sufficient
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