Division 1 Athletes Should Be Paid

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This paper debates whether Division 1 athletes should be paid or not. I explain the situation to the readers that do not have much background knowledge of the topic. I go on to say that Division 1 players should be paid because they do not have much money to buy necessities. The NCAA does not allow players to get jobs due to the workload required for their particular sport. The athletes also cannot sell their items or autographed items for revenue. My next reason athletes should be paid is because they are the core of the collegiate sports. Without the players, there would be no revenue period. My next point is that the scholarships are not enough to compensate or the time the athletes put into their sport. Although the
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Gary Clark, a Wake Forest basketball player, gives his opinion on the situation:
At a lot of schools, players come from underprivileged families. I know we are getting a scholarship, but some folks don’t have enough cash to get something to eat when he school cafeteria is closed, or money to buy a used car. . . . I am not saying we should get paid with a full-time salary, but a stipend would be nice. (W. Ford, personal communication, April 28, 2011)
It is true. Many players are from unfortunate situations and being stripped of the rights to work for necessities to get their college paid for is an unethical burden the NCAA has placed on these young adults’ shoulders. At the least, these athletes should be “getting a return on the time they put in” (H. Bruinius, personal communication, April 3, 2000)

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Collegiate Industry
In 2012, the NCAA generated 10.6 billion dollars in revenue; 5.6 billion due to ticket sells and 433 million dollars off of rights agreements but only have (“NCAA College Athletics Statistics,” 2012). Surely the NCAA has enough money to provide a stipend all of the 420,000 student-athletes. These players walk around schools and malls noticing stores selling their jerseys, shirts, and shoes, making millions off of the merchandise. It is only right that the athletes wonder why they bring in millions to their university but still do not have a car
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