Division In Christianity

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This paper will highlight some of the historical points of division in Christianity and reflect on ways the church succeeded and failed in practicing professed beliefs. Christianity has become so diverse that some theologians have called it “Christian Pluralism”(Melton, 2007). In 1982 Anglican theologian David Barrett estimated that there were 20,800 denominations in Christianity across the globe (McGavran, 2012).
Early Christianity Division in Christianity has occurred in most of its history. Four sects in early Christianity (predating canonized New Testament) were the Marcionites, the Gnostics, the Jewish-Christian Adoptionists, and the Proto-Orthodox Christians (Ehrman, 2008). The Marcionites believed that God in the Old Testament was
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The Easter Church saw the Western Church’s creed worded as the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and The Son as a demoting the Holy Spirit (Melton, 2007). The Western church was mainly the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Church is now known as eastern Orthodox (Melton, 2007). The Anglican Church formed when Henry VIII saw himself as having more authority than the Pope in the British church (Melton, 2007). During his daughter Mary’s reign she attempted to bring Britain back to Catholicism and had hundreds of protestants executed (Melton,…show more content…
In response to this Donald McGavran cites Paul by comparing the different denominations and emphases of the church to actual body parts as Paul does in 1 Corinthians 12 (McGavran, 2012). About differing views on biblical matters, he states “Nevertheless, Missouri Synod Lutherans and Southern Baptists ought to believe that the other denomination is a genuine part of the body of Christ”( McGavran, 2012). He also points out that while many of these churches recognize each other as other parts of the same church they also tend to favor themselves as more correct in their beliefs or interpretation (McGavran, 2012). It could be compared to an eye or ear of Paul’s illustration recognizing the importance of the eye, ear, or other body part but then still treating the self as superior to the other part. The parts need to work together for the body to
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