Divorce : A Broken Marriage

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Divorce- A Broken Marriage
Divorce, which is the termination and legal ending of a marriage of a couple, maybe of the opposite sex or of the same-sex, has been on a rise in America for the past thirty years. Almost every second person has a divorced member in its family today. America comes on the first place in terms of the number of divorces in the world. Divorce has been reported to be one of the major causes of suicide as well. Many factors lead to divorce in America, some of which are lying, for example- on online dating sites, getting divorced unnecessarily because they are unhappy and infidelity which is the action of being unfaithful to one’s spouse. According to Gies and Gies, in the ancient Roman Republic, a simple statement for divorce was sufficient for the dissolution of a marriage. Some local Church councils even had the equivalent of no-fault divorce, in which a couple was allowed to get divorced after swearing that ‘‘communal life has become impossible between us’’ or that ‘‘there is no charity according to God’’ in the marriage (Coontz, 8).
Through most of the history, reasons for divorce were really different from today, especially in complex societies. Divorce was considered as a male privileged act in society. In Rome, divorce was considered for the wealthy and elite class who were allowed to switch mates to acquire more advantageous in-laws. In that era, a male heir was preferred over a female heir. If the female was unable to give birth to a male heir,
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