Divorce: A Personal Narrative Analysis

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One of the major setbacks I've had in my lifetime was going through my parents divorce at such a young age. When all of this took place I was in 8th grade and I was 12-13 years old and my parents sat my younger sister and I down and told us that they were going to get a divorce. When I heard the word “divorce” come out of my mother’s mouth. I felt as if time stood still, like everything slowed down and everything I once held dear was crumbling before my very eyes. In that moment I didn't care about the reason they were separating. All I knew that I was no longer gonna have a family. The moment I realized that, it was scarier than the real divorce. After they told my younger sister and I, things just felt like they were spiraling. Then we got asked the worst question that no child should ever hear, “Do you want to live with your father or do you want to live with me (mother)?” That is when it actually hit me that my family will be divided.…show more content…
I understand why they didn't get the divorce, one being financial. Yet I can still remember the nights of constant yelling between them, then things eventually got worse to the point where we had to sleep in a motel because they could even stay under the same roof. I also remember the sleepless night, when I had to console my younger sister. I honestly didn't know what to tell her when she asked me “Why are mom and dad yelling at each other?” What do you say to a 9-8 year old when this kind of stuff
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