Divorce And Its Effect On Children

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Divorce Upon Children
Over the past few decades, the divorce rate has exponentially increased throughout America. Many Americans have developed a new definition of family due to the rapidly changing culture of our times. These culture and value changes have drastically brought a change to the traditional ideas of the past resulting in many different changes within the nuclear family of the past. Divorce has become rampant amongst the American population, which is causing many Sociological problems to those that have to go through the depressing and saddening stages of stress, especially to the children of whose parents are divorced. “At present, 60-75% of divorces involve children under the age of 18”(Lansford, 2009). Many children have to experience the distress of divorce and it affects them in many ways such as mentally, physically, economically, which brings them great difficulty in their lives. Divorce brings a long lasting effect upon children for years in terms of mental and their mental stability. Families have broken down which has caused to divorce many times let alone once which causes children to go through the troublesome path of adjustment. “Many children of divorce have transitory symptoms, which may take the form of excessive worrying, sadness, anger, oppositional behavior, impaired social relationships, and compromised school performance”(Bernet, 2015). Throughout the transitory stage, children face many sociological and psychological such as
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