Divorce And Its Effects On Social Life

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Over the years, the topic of divorce has grown to become the essence of attention and discussions thus making it a serious social problem. Indisputably, divorces cause a lot of negative effects, such as, the impact on social life, a major contributor to serious health problems and even development and behavioral problems in the innocent children who involuntarily are dragged through the process. In the pages that follow, this paper will discuss both mental and physical challenges that marriages encounter and try to ascertain whether or not these strained marriages should be given a chance a recovery. Based on the definition obtained from ppsychologytoday.com Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public,…show more content…
It is therefore extremely important to examine the reasons why an individual may have a change of heart about being with someone after exchanging vows to remain together until death. According to the legaldictionary.com the legal grounds for termination of a marriage may be based on the fault of one or more parties demise of the relationship, or it may be no fault. Grounds for a fault divorce constitute adultery or infidelity, abandonment which represents the top reasons for divorce based on a study conducted by Austin-institute.org in 2014. 37% of the responders stated that Infidelity was the reason for requesting a divorce while abandonment represents 32% of the reason. Based on the same study the issue that has the least potential to cause a divorce was alcohol and drug abuse ranking the lowest with 23% (Austin-institute.org). There is multiple definition of the word abandonment, however, for the sake of this paper we will be using the definition obtained from the legaldictionary.com which states that marital abandonment occurs when a spouse leaves the home without the knowledge or consent of the other spouse. However, to prove abandonment, the innocent spouse must show that the accused spouse left voluntarily and had no true intention of returning. It must be noted that when a spouse leaves for military service, or flees to escape domestic abuse, it is not
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