Divorce And The Right Life Partner

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Introduction: With today’s divorce rate being over 50% it has become increasingly important to pick the right life-partner due to both psychological and financial reasons. Marriage is still seen as sacred, but not always seen as something that lasts forever. It is common to get divorced, know someone who’s been divorced, or someone that has been affected by divorce. Why do cohabitation and divorce go hand-in-hand? Because, whether or not you decided to cohabitate with your prospective life partner may or may not affect your likeliness for getting a divorce. Advantages: Everyone has heard of the old saying “you test drive a car before you buy it” and many use it to justify why they cohabitate before marriage. In many cultures and religions it is still seen as a sin to live together before marriage. Many critics fear that cohabitation is leading to a decline in marriage and traditional values, but according to surveys taken it shows that the majority of Americans still view marriage as a personal goal and an important component to a happy life (Steinberg et al., 2011). A lot of reason behind young adults being cautious about tying the knot is due to an underlying respect for marriage (Steinberg et al., 2011). Disadvantages: As you saw in the paragraph above there is very small list of advantages to why someone should cohabitate with their spouse before marriage, or at all. But, why is this such a horrible thing, when it sounds like a sound logic? It makes sense

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