Divorce Causes

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In the early 1800s, divorce rates fell around 3%, however, in today’s generation the rates increased to 50%. Many people have wondered why there is such an extreme increase in only two decades, but to understand this long continuing issue the roots of the problem must be found. There are numerous causes of divorce for each individual families; these detrimental causes found most often are abuse, infidelity, and loss of interest.
Abuse is a pernicious part of a toxic marriage and a frontrunner cause of divorce. In an interview for Huffington Post, 53% of women say they divorced their spouse because of emotional and physical abuse. Physical and emotional abuse can cause a horrific environment for anyone, especially children. Men or women involved in some type of physically abusive relationship leave mostly for their child’s safety, but others will leave to protect themselves from any further harm. It is extremely common for an abusive marriage to go on for years at a time, but usually some type of help is given and the abused spouse may be able to escape the horrors they endured during their marriage. Emotional abuse is a lot more common in marriages than physical abuse because a lot of the time it comes from both sides. In most cases of this kind of abuse, one spouse is constantly putting the other down or they both are putting each other down. In study for the University of Oklahoma, women said one of the reasons they divorced their husband was the constant scrutinizing of

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