Divorce Conflict Hurts Children

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Divorce Conflict Hurts Children Christina Henderson DeVry University Divorce Conflict Hurts Children Six year old Olivia stands alone in front of her bedroom window, silent tears streaming down her tiny face. She watches her father put his suitcase in his car and drive away. She does not know what divorce is, but she does know on some internal level, that her life will never be the same. Olivia is right; divorce is a watershed event in the life of a child. Life following a divorce is dramatically changed from how life was before. The purpose of this proposal is to convince divorced parents to stop engaging in hostility and conflict with their ex-wives and ex-husbands so the children do not continue to suffer more. Divorce is…show more content…
It “consumes social capital and weakens the social fabric” (p. 715). The economic impact of divorce is evidenced in an analysis of income patterns from 1994. It shows that married-parent households, with only a high school diploma, have a median income that is 10 percent higher than college-educated single-parent households (Whitehead, 2013, p. 715). This statistic clearly shows how children from divorced households are less well-off. The parents’ time and money is now split between two households and two sets of bills. Marriage creates stability, emotionally and socially for a child. According to Dr. Pickhardt, a psychologist and author of 15 parenting books, a child’s social life is primarily found in his or her family. A child depends fully on his or her parents, and after a divorce a child loses trust in dependency since the parents are now behaving in an undependable way. The child is now divided between two different households and shuttled back and forth. This creates unfamiliarity, instability, and insecurity. The child can never be with one parent without being apart from, and missing, the other parent (Pickhardt, 2011, para. 6). Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, is a divorce and parenting coach and the founder of the Child-Centered
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