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How Divorce Affects the Formation of Healthy Friendships and Relationships
Several factors come into play when considering the impact that a divorce has on the child’s future relationships, including age at the time of the divorce, gender, upbringing, etc. For the most part however, there are a few crucial parts of a relationship that most divorces affect, whether the relationship be with a friend, family member or significant other.
Parental divorce often decreases the level of trust that a child of divorce finds in a relationship. Children whose parent’s have divorced exhibit a fear of being rejected by those they become close to, and often distrust that their friends, family members, or significant others will remain loyal and close. This lack of trust often hampers any deepening in the relationship, and is believed to be the result of having a dysfunctional example of a marital relationship set before them. Many children of divorce have reportedly been less trusting of their own or a partner’s fidelity, and have had difficulty in fully committing to or “choosing” one person.
In addition, studies have shown that those who have had first hand experience of a divorce in their home are 38% more likely than to go through their own divorce than those who did not. These children suffer through weakened relationships with nearly all family members, especially those members with whom the child does not visit frequently. Since 90% of custodial parents are mothers (Divorce
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