Divorce Ethics

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Divorce Ethics

In modern days divorce is a common occurance. Over the last twenty years people are getting married and divorced quickly. There are a plethora of reasons for getting divorced today including: abuse, money problems, addictions, young marriage, illegal immigrants marrying for citizenship, and so on. Divorce is also more accessible and easier to obtain than it was years ago. All one has to do is go to a lawyer and a divorce can be granted in some states without any questions. People go into marriages these days knowing that there is a possibility that they’re marriage might end in divorce. The availability of prenuptial agreements has made it possible for people to go into marriages with backup plans. I do not
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The distinction is important because the expectations between a civil union and a religious union are different. According to Olshewsky, in A CHRISTIAN UNDERSTANDING OF DIVORCE, civil unions are a commitment for social and economic stability. Christian marriages are based on an entirely different promise. When two people have a Christian marriage they are joining in a covenant relation which is “a condition the parties of the relation enter into with a mutual affection and respect” (Olshewsky, 1979). The theological basis for marriage comes from the biblical account that God created male and female in his image. According to Lim, in the article Divorce and Remarriage in Theological and Contemporary Perspectives, “The complementary nature of humankind as male and female created the image of God, where one flesh, one union forms the basic unit of human community and was given the command to 'Be fruitful and multiply ' (2006). In his book Divorce and Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities, Instone-Brewer argues that men and women can get divorced for cases of neglect, abuse, or adultery with the right to remarry afterwards and that Jesus and Paul would agree (2003). These are special cases that should allow for divorce if everything else has failed to stop the abuse, neglect, or
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