Divorce. Everybody Knows The Word And Many People Deal

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Divorce. Everybody knows the word and many people deal with it, but does it have a negative effect on children? Some people who have experienced divorce as a child might have differing opinions, but the main consensus is that it does have a negative effect on children. When parents have to go through divorce, it can often cause a tear in the family and the family’s chemistry. Children often grow up without a mother or without a father because of this tragic outcome, but in other cases, the mother and the father both stay in the child’s life. It may not be in unity, but this is often the case. Divorce has a negative effect of children and may affect their ability to form relationships based on trust and love and their development of social…show more content…
This effect could cause a child to never fully trust someone when given a first impression. One last effect on the trust of a child due to the divorce of their parents, is the fear of being rejected. When feeling rejected, this may cause the child to always feel like they are not worth others time and will lose trust in any relationship they may be a part of in the future. The fear stays with the child throughout their adulthood. It may not be a conscious thought of being rejected, but when one is turned down it may trigger a repressed memory relating back to the divorce. Trust is that one thing, that a relationship needs to hold on to, and when the relationship loses trust, it loses much more. Love is a beautiful word. Love is the first thing someone experiences when they start to develop a conscious. The mothers, the fathers, the brothers, or the sisters, are the first people that a normal child will show affection to. When growing up, everybody has that one thing in common. We are taught it from the first words, to say “I love you” or to ask somebody for love. However, when the child comes home from school, or when the teenager comes home from work and hears words such as “I do not love you anymore, we should get a divorce,” the whole perspective of the word love changes in that person. Those little things can completely change the outlook on life and love. Forming
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