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Shay Kasraei Week 2 Divorce Functionalist view emphasizes the contribution it makes to overall social stability. The divorce can actually benefit the child in several ways. If the parents were being abusive to one another and/or to the children involved prior to the divorce chances are the divorce will result in less fighting/arguing among the parents which in return would result in a better environment for the child. In some cases if a parent is abusing alcohol or drugs and it leads to the divorce, removing the child from that type of environment will ultimately help the child. In some cases the parents eventually remarry and those marriages can either be successful, or in some cases those marriages might also result in another…show more content…
looking at the society as a whole. Taking each individual involved in the divorce, the parents, and the children involved and how it would affect them. A child will have to adjust to having being raised in a one family home, to having to adjust to having parents that live in separate homes. This might cause the children to have emotional issues down the road. Some individual effects that might happen for children who are involved in a divorce can be the child might have difficulty building a strong relationship with one parent if the child is in the primary care of one parent vs. the other. Children who grow up in a single parent family can be more likely to experience behavior problems because of having lacked shared family interaction. With everything being said about all three of these views this does not mean that in every case of divorce the following happen. Within all three views each one has its own way of connecting the view to the topic at hand. I have provided some examples and scenarios of things that can occur in each view. Obliviously divorce is a touchy subject and each individual, adult or adolescent can be affected differently based on how they handle the situation at hand. I would say that my favorite out of the three views would be the last one. Simply feel that it is the one to mostly connect with the individuals involved. It connects with the parties involved in the divorce and views them each as one individual vs. how a divorce affects the family,
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