Divorce : How It Effects The Black Community

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Divorce: How It Effects the Black Community
In this paper I will discuss divorce trends and the break-up of the black family. We will identify the roots of divorce, the slave experience and how this has carried over into today’s society. We know that divorce exists across all races, all ethnicities and in every area of the world but will focus our attention to the population that seems to have the largest rate of divorce, one text suggests the rate as being 47 percent among the black community (Lauer, 2012)
The chips are stacked already, according to a study by Paul R. Amato, PhD (Paul R. Amato) he concludes that the black population is less likely than whites to marry. Blacks are also less satisfied in their relationships which lead to a high rate of divorce. The most disturbing part is that little research has been done to discover the reasons why these statistics are as they are. Some research reported by Mr. Amato claim education and income (or the lack thereof) as reasons marriages do not last in the black family. Be that as it may, the fact remains that the black family is not congruent and often in the hands of the black mother.
In the article, “Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Nation: Some Implications for Black Family Studies”. (COLLINS, 1998) She points out that the black family organization is headed by the black female which has negative effects of the family structure as a whole. She described the family values as: eroded and deteriorating”. What
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