Divorce Is More Popular Than Marriage

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In today’s society a divorce is more popular than marriage. As soon as you say,” I do,” the odds are not in your favor. One in two couples do not survive, they get divorced. Society is in a downward spiral with making a marriage last. We have become quitters; when times get hard we quit. The small things are the most important in a marriage. There are easy ways to make a marriage last. Having a healthy sexual relationship is vital for any marriage. Remembering the reason why you got married to begin with is important in a marriage. There will disagreements in a marriage; learn to pick your battles. Compromising is another key element to happy successful marriage. Sex is what sets you apart from being just a roommate. Having a healthy sexual relationship can improve the passion in your relationship. (2014 Aaron Anderson). There is a deeper communication that comes with sex. Both people feel a comfort level with each other that is not felt with anyone else. It requires you both to become very vulnerable by asking, and receiving. It requires you to reach a deeper level of trust with your spouse. They also need to be open to hearing what their spouse wants feels and needs. This is not only a recipe for great sex but a great marriage as well (2014 Aaron Anderson). There are many benefits to having a healthy sexual marriage. It can help to reduce everyday stress in life. With these benefits, it can also build a stronger bond between each other. The next thing to remember is why
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