Divorce Law

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Divorce is a growing epidemic in Canada and the United States. It affects both parties involved, being the spouses, and also has a profound affect on children of the marriage. Recently our government has been revising the old divorce act. It was apparent that it was time to revise the act because it did not properly protect the children from being caught in the middle of things. Divorce is defined as follows: to dissolve legally a marriage between; separate (one of a married couple) from the other by divorce . The Canadian constitution allows only the federal government to set divorce law. The government of Canada has a divorce act, and because it is a federal law, it applies fully and equally in all parts of Canada and to all Canadian…show more content…
When the divorce act came into effect, the number of divorces granted by Canadian courts increased quite noticeably. This jump in the rate is due mainly to couples that had been separated for some time and could file for divorce immediately. This being the resultant of the waiting period being dropped for three years down to one. The new law also simplified the process, so some applicants chose to wait for it to come into effect. In today's National Post there was an article about the proposed changes to the divorce act. It seems that Anne McLellan, the justice minister has decided to postpone the "controversial amendments" to the act for another three years. Now the introduction of legislation is expected in May, 2002. It seems our politicians are more worried about being re-elected then taking care of the interests of all the children affected by divorce. The government claims to be pushing to do away with old concepts like child ownership but does not fully endorse "shared parenting". The government is not willing to talk about rights, they claim to wish to talk about concepts like shared responsibility. As the number of divorces in Canada increases and our awareness on it's affects on Canada's youth, we must come to the realization that something as
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