Divorce Mediation : Beverly Hills

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Keywords: divorce mediation in Beverly Hills, CA; pre-marital counseling in Beverly Hills, CA; business relationship mediation in Beverly Hills, CA; family therapist in Beverly Hills, CA 250 words How Does Divorce Mediation in Beverly Hills, CA Save Money? There are multiple reasons that divorce mediation in Beverly Hills, California is a better alternative than going to court. For example, it is more private and less stressful than a family court trial. However, one of the greatest benefits of divorce mediation in Beverly Hills, California is its reduced cost to the parties. Divorce mediation costs are miniscule when compared to the legal fees and costs associated with going to court. How does divorce mediation save so much money? First, a mediator typically is hired for no more than a few sessions. The mediator’s fees for these sessions is a fraction of what the parties would pay their attorneys to prepare for court and conduct a trial in their divorce. Additionally, the parties often share the costs of mediation, lowering their expenses even more. Mediation may be scheduled as soon as the parties decide they are ready to attempt settlement. Since mediation has a high rate of success in divorce cases, this means that the parties will probably settle their case months earlier than if they had waited on a trial date. If the case settles at mediation, the agreement becomes part of the parties’ divorce order, which finalizes the case. In California, family courts are
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