Divorce Negative Effects

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The Positive Effects of Divorce
Divorce is the best option when it comes to the prosperity of the children that are in conflicted homes. Divorce is associated with multiple negative outcomes on a child, however it can be highly beneficial for a family. Conditions such as abuse, infidelity, lifestyle differences, financial problems, and inadequate communication can be the cause of divorce. Families should not avoid divorce entirely because society believes that intact families are more stable and valuable. Staying in a commiserable relationship can be toxic for the entire family. Divorce aids in the long term well-being of a child’s mental and emotional health, despite the troublesome adjustments that comes along with it. Children benefit greatly from the separation of feuding parents, allowing them to prosper in every aspect of their life. Parents also benefit from divorce because they have the opportunity to co-parent their child without the conflict in their homes. Divorce can be seen as an outlet in areas of emotional relief, the teaching of valuable relationships, and a chance for beneficial bonding between children and their parents.
In order for a child to grow both physically, psychologically, and emotionally, their home should be a healthy, loving, and supporting environment. Children can sense tension as early as age one. During the age of one, children are learning drastically and they could potentially mimic any hostile behaviors present at home. A few studies

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