Divorce Prevention Programs

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Divorce Preventions Marriage is not something rarely seen nowadays. Populates who have a decent relationship, estimated to continue their relationship to a marriage. However, in the time marriage rate increasing, the increment of divorce rate cannot be avoided. More than a half of all marriages will end with divorcement. (Echols, 2010). Divorce occurs likely because of platonic relationship and poor communication. This essay will examine those problems which cause divorce, and offer three reasonable solutions to prevent divorcement in the community. Also, try to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions. Nowadays, divorcement is a problem that noticeably on the increase. This issue happens right at most of countries in the world. “The phenomenal divorce rate among newlywed couples is a serious problem that should be immediately addressed in Palestine.” (Al-Rub, 2014). Indeed, romance is something that beautiful to most of societies. However, romance could also be something that not predictable, in this case is divorcement. Divorce has adverse effects both for women and men. One of the effects that caused by divorce is depression. Depression is one of the most visible divorcement effects. Depression makes mostly people accomplish daily activities, desperately in their life, both in relation to others and themselves. In fact, divorcement also brings bad influence to children whose parents have divorced. “Children whose parents have divorced are increasingly the victims
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