Divorce Rate And Marriage Rate

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According to recent statistics, there are more divorces now than ever before. At the rate things are going, the divorce rate may soon surpass the marriage rate. There are many reasons for such a high divorce rate, but one of the main ones is that people do not realize what they are getting themselves into when they marry. Couples do not realize that marriage is a job that must be worked at continuously in order for it to go well. Because many couples marry for the wrong reasons, a breakdown in communication results, which leads to a couple 's growing apart. This process, all too often, ends in divorce.

People marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Of course, they seem to be the right people and the right reasons at the time the decision is made, but the trouble really begins here. For example, many couples are too young when they marry. They meet in high school or college, "fall in love," which is really just lust, and know that they have found the person they are going to marry. Further, many young girls think that they are ready to marry, but many times they simply want to get out of their parents ' house. The situation may involve abuse in some form or another, or the girl simply may not be getting along with her folks and sees marriage as a way out. She believes that if she can just make a home of her own everything will be fine. She looks on the young man as her salvation, and he begins to see himself in that role. In addition, she may also be pregnant. This
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