Divorce Rate Of The United States

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Divorce Rate As human civilization advances, the more tolerant society has become to behaviors that used to be regarded as appalling and immoral. One of these behaviors is becoming divorced. According to a recent guidebook for couples who are in the midst of a divorce or considering divorce, 70% of Americans believe that divorce is a morally acceptable choice (Hawkins, 2009). This new understanding of divorce has played a significant role in the choice that many Americans have made to separate from their spouse. According to researchers in the United States 40%-50% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages will end in separation (Hawkins, 2009). Married couples in the United States are finding it difficult to remain committed to their spouses and it 's resulting in many failed relationships. Unless American citizens have a major epiphany about the foundation of marriage, the high divorce rate in the United States will continue and could escalate even higher in the next few decades for a variety of reasons including religion, finances, and adultery. A major factor that many couples cite for divorce is directly related to the decline of religious views. In the past many American citizens grew up attending church and were taught that marriage was a sacred bond between a husband and his wife. In the past, the church ostracized its members who divorced each other. When a person was married and took vows to be faithful to their partner forever, it was viewed as a very
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