Divorce : The Divorce Rate

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The divorce rate, while fluctuating over time, has reached high percentages lately. As Coltrane and Adams posit, the high divorce rates are due in part to the fact that the expectations of marriage are high in high esteem. When it does not work out, people are anxious to try again to find the perfect partner. Divorce is what allows people that opportunity (Coltrane and Adams p. 201). However, the intricacies of divorce are complicated. Much of the conversation of divorce is focused on fault and blame. Many modern narratives tell stories about how one side, often men, is taken advantage of during a divorce. (Coltrane and Adams p. 203)
The notion of divorce in the United States evolved in a unique way, as divorce was analogy for breaking away from Britain. Because of the idea of breaking away from unjust control, divorce was “generally accepted in most states after the American Revolution, and the prevalence of divorce told a particular story about the shape of social order in the United States,” (Coltrane and Adams p. 205). However, it was still built on the traditional patriarchal system, involving a man being financially responsible to his wife, and woman being in domestic service to her husband (Coltrane and Adams p. 205)
The ideal of the domestic woman was in full swing in the 1950s. The post-war urge to send women back to the home had many problems. While it was portrayed on popular sitcoms such as Leave it to Beaver as a wonderful, happy environment for the whole
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