Divorce : The Impact It Has On The Family

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Divorce: The Impact It Has On the Family
Marriage is a sacred communion between two people that vows to love each other until the end of time. No one gets married with the intent to divorce. Unfortunately, marriages are challenged with acts of infidelity, change in family incomes, and many other factors. These factors most likely lead to divorce. Divorce perpetually deteriorates the family and the relationship between children and parents. It can lead to negative effects of the family, especially the children. Everyone is affected by the split. In addition, the experience of divorce is different for everyone involved. The relationship the children have with the parents changes drastically. One study shows that divorced mothers have poorer and less stimulating home environments, especially for mothers that are raising boys. Furthermore, divorced mothers, despite their best intentions, are less able than married mothers to give emotional support to their children (Pat12).
The purpose of this research is to explore the impact of divorce, concentrating on parental styles and children’s behavior. In addition, this paper will explore how divorced couples cope with the change in the family structure. The research will examine the response to divorce relative to a child’s age and gender. This paper will evaluate the literature and examine statistics relative to negative effects of divorce. This paper will highlight research method and frame two hypotheses in
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