Divorce : The Legal Separation Of A Marriage By A Court

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Divorce, What Would You Do? A Review of Ethical Systems.

Divorce is the legal separation of a marriage by a court. Today in our culture many people see divorced as a helpful solution to a troubled marriage. The number of people getting divorced has increases in the past decade. According to the McKinley Law Blog, in the U.S, there is about one divorce every 36 seconds, which adds up to about 2,400 divorces per day (McKinley, 2012). People get divorce sometimes for what could be seen as good reasons and sometimes for what might seem like mindless reasons. People view divorce from many different points of view. Since divorce is a highly debated topic, there have been many points presented to both support and reject options of divorce. Kantian ethicists, natural law ethicist, cultural relativists, and biblical ethicist all have guidelines that can influence their follower’s views and responses towards divorce. Each of these four ethical systems have strengths and weaknesses that affect the decisions of followers when contemplating topics like divorce. When analyzing the provided case study on divorce I think that the components of the natural law ethical system responds the best to this situation of contemplating divorce. Like many ethical systems, Natural law ethics offer strong directions and considerable ways of living that can help guide decisions on subjects like divorce. Natural law ethics recognizes that God made all beings, and therefore, following through with divorce…
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