Divorce and Its Impact on Cpuples and Children Essay

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The term divorce is a legal term that denotes the separation of two individuals in a legal manner that was once connected to each other as a result of marriage. Divorce can be a lifetime separation between couples and can even be a limited time separation between couples. Recently, the world has witnessed a surge in the number of divorces taking place and the occurrence of this event is even at its peak in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported during the period of 2011, that out of every 1000 individuals, almost 3.6 individuals have experienced divorce (, 2013). Divorce does not only impact the couples who are being separated, it even impacts the children of the couples. Much emphasis has been…show more content…
Divorces mostly occur as a result of thrifts between the couples and due to this their psychological wellbeing is hampered and when psychological wellbeing of individuals is compromised, it is more likely that the couples fail to focus on their work which may result in financial issues. Divorce may mitigate these psychological issues and the couples may be able to focus on their work in a better manner and this may eventually result in better financial rewards attained from high performance. It is not necessary that children are always negatively impacted by a divorce. Divorce as stated again and again mostly occur due to frugalities between parents and these frugalities may result in domestic abuse or domestic violence experienced by children. A divorce resulting due to case of domestic violence may favorably impact the children, since children may be able to avoid these abuses. Secondly when parents are involved in fighting with each other, they tend to give up on their bonding with their children. Divorces can be a solution, as well as bonding between parents and children may increase as a result of divorce because after a divorce parents will have more time to spend with their children instead of fighting with each other. Although, couples take the option of divorce after their dissatisfaction with their marriage but divorces impact both the
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