Essay about Divorce in American Society

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Divorce in American Society Whatever happened to the picture that perfect traditional families portrayed? Television has had such an influence over us when we begin wishing we had families like the ones we see on Little House on the Prairie and The Brady Bunch. Families who work together, support one another, and seem to have all of life's problems figured out. The media is catching up to society and showing more single-family sitcoms with down to earth family relationships such as Blossom, Sinbad and Married with Children. These types of families show the nuclear family of today. They experience day to day worries and concerns with the reality that everything is not always so perfect in the real world. There have been…show more content…
Their priorities are viewed more towards personal happiness and achievements. There is much more to divorce than just family matters. With the working women moving up in the business world, their dependence on financial support has been reduced. Women are more confident that they can survive alone without the support of a man; so as it turns out, they find it easier to turn to divorce. Do we really have an understanding on what the phenomenon of divorce is? Divorce is often considered to be a problem between two adults, and nothing more than that. Since the children have an attachment to both the parents, it is not surprising to know that here is a higher percentage in which the mother gets custody of the children -the increase has been of three million. The most recent increase in divorce has been among younger couples, but the ones that leave the greater impact are divorces which are tearing the family apart. The number of children affected by such divorces have just tripled and is increasing by the year. Why is divorce giving the children the hardest hit? Children are taught, whether at home or on the playgrounds of our schools, that a household consists of a "mommy", "daddy", baby, and maybe even a pet. There is much hostility felt by the children when a divorce occurs; poverty and stress are also other problems. Not all families are well-off to make it alone. This makes it difficult for a child while growing up. When there is a
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