Diy Projects And The Diy Project

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This means that all voices must be taken into consideration, and the DIY Project must provide a diverse set of music to satisfy as much people as possible. Essentially, popular, relevant music ought to be researched in order to satisfy the DIY Projects’s diverse set of needs fueled by the diverse people who will go to the venue. Also, the setting of the area where the venue will be set ought to be researched. We want a safe venue where people can express themselves. For this reason, the crime rate in specific areas in Westport ought to be researched in order to create the best venue possible-- after all, this venue is supposed to be a safe place, mentally, spiritually, and physically, for those who seek it. Overall, then, when it comes to…show more content…
Essentially, the teaching is naturally done through the continual existence of the DIY Project. And as long as it exists, people can learn about social issues, other people, other social groups, et cetera. When it comes to CRAFT, then, the models brings precision forth: thus, the DIY Project has become precisely defined. This, in conjunction with the SMART objective above, shows that the DIY Project is not only precise, but it is clear. These two qualities exist as a necessity to carry out the project in an effective manner. Yet, even with precision and clarity reached, one other question remains: what will be the impact of the DIY Project? When it comes to this project, I want people to learn. Whether one looks at a Polaroid, a spraypaint-piece, or listens to a band, people will absorb this information. Perhaps, one may become aware of an issue that has not been perceivable in their life; perhaps, one may listen to a band which represents their issues-- this can bring forth comfort. Not only so, but most musicians attack problems differently; therefore, people in the venue may learn about different approaches, and/or thoughts, for different issues. Then, through communicating by medium of art, people may increase their knowledge. Speaking about communication, what impact does
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