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Be Delicious Perfume by DKNY Advertisement Analysis In the competitive market America has today, all companies strive to be the number one choice for consumers out of all their competitors. To achieve this goal, companies use various strategies in their advertisements to appeal to the public. The company, Donna Karan New York (also known as DKNY) is one of the millions of companies that works rhetorically in its advertisement for its Be Delicious perfume. With sexual innuendos, symbolism, attention grabbing images, the creation an image of beauty, and the indication that one will be unique after using the product, DKNY effectively advertises its Be Delicious perfume. DKNY uses sexual innuendos in its advertisement for the Be Delicious…show more content…
Since similar standards for beauty have been created by advertisements have been around for so long, women do not know they have been manipulated and now accept them as true. Because of this, this advertisement’s portrayal of a “beautiful” woman is an effective strategy to convince women to buy the Be Delicious perfume. By portraying the secondary message that whoever buys the Be Delicious perfume will stand out among others, DKNY tries to convince consumers to purchase its product. The title of the perfume, Be Delicious, shows that those who buy the perfume will be attractive and those who do not buy the product will only be ordinary. The woman in the advertisement also has a wide gap in her two front teeth. In American society today, perfect teeth are considered to be gapless and straight. This woman was most likely chosen to be in the advertisement because her gap is unique and therefore makes her stand out. The advertisement tries to portray the message that whoever uses the perfume will be as unique as the woman. The name of the product and the woman’s unique physical feature therefore show that this perfume is made for women who would like to stand out among ordinary people. The portrayal of the secondary message that a consumer of the product will be socially distinctive is an effective strategy in convincing viewers to buy the Be Delicious perfume. This is because Americans often try to receive

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