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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Teaching Plan Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a disorder in which blood sugar (glucose) levels are abnormally high because the body does not produce enough insulin to meet it's needs (Kishore, 2008). Due to the lack of education, many people with DM are not aware of the fact that it requires lifestyle changes, which happens to be challenging for most. Mrs. C is reported to be 72 - year - old Latin American woman with history of DM for 10 years. It is also known that she is non-compliant with diet and trims her corns with a razor blade. Based on the assessment findings, we can formulate the following nursing diagnoses: knowledge deficit related to disease and risk for impaired skin…show more content…
C's understanding of this point to by explanation and provision of guides and pamphlets in Spanish since we are not aware of her English competency. 2. Effective preventive care and management of the diabetic foot relies on assessment and risk identification. To prevent foot complications, it is essential to identify, assess, and screen those at risk. (Atkins, 2010). Since it is known that Mrs. C has a habit of trimming her corns with a razor blade, it is crucial to educate her about proper foot care. The teaching will include the importance of maintaining skin integrity by protecting feet from breakdown as it has a great possibility of infection, and proper foot care such as applying skin moisturizers to maintain suppleness, and avoiding applying drying agents such as alcohol. Everyone with diabetes should have an annual foot exam. The screening allows the clinician to examine and assess the foot for loss of protective sensation (bony deformities, joint mobility, peripheral circulation, skin integrity, and callus formation) (Atkins, 2010). To ensure Mrs. C's understanding, she will be asked to verbalize and then demonstrate her understanding of the subject. According to the given information, we can assume that even though Mrs. C is 72 years old, she lives alone and is able to make decisions for herself. However, considering the fact that she comes from Latin background, it might be very helpful to involve her family members in
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