Dna Extraction Lab Write Up

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DNA Extraction

Being able to gather large amounts of DNA together has many potential advantages. It is possible to collect this DNA and use it for purposes such as research for medical uses. To extract the DNA from cells, you need to follow a series of steps which will result in the separation of DNA from other parts of the cell. After following the procedure, you will be left with a stringlike mass of DNA that can be easily examined.
To begin, you will need 1 gram of raw wheat germ, 1 ml of liquid detergent, 14 ml of alcohol, and 20 ml of tap water heated between fifty and sixty degrees celsius. You will also need a 50 ml test tube, a measuring device, wooden dowel or other object for stirring, and an eyedropper. The wheat germ is first placed into the test tube along with the tap water. This
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The warmth of the water softens the fats and the membranes that surround the cell and nucleus. The water also denatures the DNase which would cause the DNA to be separated into very small particles otherwise. When these enzymes are denatured, the DNA will unravel which will allow it to come together. Detergents are able to remove fats and proteins because of their sodium lauryl sulfate content. This removes the fats surrounding the cell which releases the DNA. Using powdered detergents or certain brands of liquid soaps will not yield good results using this method.
The process can be used on any material that is living. This makes it useful to test for certain substances or to identify people. DNA extraction can also be very beneficial in the practice of medicine and healthcare. The extracted DNA can be used to test and diagnose medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease. The DNA can also be used to genetically engineer plants and animals. These can be developed into drugs, vaccines, and be used to create human hormones and
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