Dna Is An Incredible Discovery That Changed The Entire World

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What is DNA? We all know that DNA can be found in our blood and tissue, but we don’t really know about the history of it and what good it can do for crime investigations. DNA was discovered in 1953 by two young scientists named James Watson and Francis Crick’s. DNA is what basically makes us up and it can be found all around us. DNA has helped out the government throughout the years in many ways, such as helping them figure out who is responsible for such heinous acts of violence. All from when DNA was discovered, to DNA being the key component when it comes to solving crime investigations all over the world, DNA is an incredible discovery that changed the entire world and is still amazing today. Discovered in 1953, by James Watson and Francis Crick’s, DNA “The chemical that encodes instructions for building and replicating almost all living things” (pbs.org). Although these two great scientists made this great discovery it didn’t just come out the blue. In 1943, another scientist named Oswald Avery, proved what had been known as DNA. He stated that “DNA, a nucleic acid, carries genetic information, but no one knew how it worked” (pbs.org). Two other people that were of great help and contributed to the discovery of DNA were, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins. They were both studying DNA and they used X-ray diffraction as their main tool. They used this method to make shadow picture out of it. Franklin was a very shy girl that liked to keep to herself. Without her

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