Dna Methylation And Its Effects On The Growth Of The Central Nervous System

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DNA methylation may manifest in adults as an increased response to stress.4 With methylation and the reduction in neurotransmitter pathways hormones are released in lower amounts leading to the elevated stress response.4 On studies done on adult rats, these effects were able to be reversed with histone deacetylase inhibitors allowing the DNA to remain in a transcriptionally active state.4 Adults exposed to binge drinking during fetal development also show an increase in substance dependence and personality disorders.6 These personality disorders vary from anti-social behavior to paranoid, passive aggressive behavior.6 Adults with prenatal exposure to alcohol also showed a higher rate of suicidal tendencies, alcoholism, and violence while intoxicated.6 Abnormal development of the central nervous system can also be caused by the affect alcohol has on neurotransmitter pathways.1 In the developing embryo alcohol will reduce the number and density of neurons.1 Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will show the result of the reduced neurons and neurotransmitter pathways a reduced anterior cerebellar vermis and basal ganglia, and a narrowing of and increased gray matter density in certain regions of the association cortex.1 Functional affects of damage to these areas results in decreased motor skill and development with fine motor skills being more delayed than gross motor skills.4,7 Alcohol consumption during the fourth week of pregnancy can also be highly detrimental to the

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