Dna Replication Essay

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Since we discovered that DNA is in the nucleus in every single cell, we’re curious about how exactly DNA can be replicated in a way that can keep our identity, including our characteristics. This could be described after learning about DNA and its very individual characteristics, along with transcription and translation, which are the two steps of DNA replication. These steps can determine our characteristics, as well as our personalities. DNA is mostly made of adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. These all make hydrogen bonds, and that’s only if it’s connected to the correct base. An example of this would be when thymine connects to adenine and guanine connects to cytosine. Though, since this is mRNA being created, adenine would connect…show more content…
The DNA helicase latches on to the DNA molecule, unzipping the double helix, letting enzymes break the hydrogen bonds that connect the base pairs. Also, complementary nucleotides that are floating around and about in the nucleus form hydrogen bonds according to their pairs: thymine to adenine and guanine to cytosine. Due to the hydrogen bonds being more breakable, the DNA is much easier to “unzip” for replication. In the cytoplasm you can also find tRNA. tRNA contains a 3 nucleic code on one side and on the other side, there’s a special protein on the other. In the cytoplasm, mRNA attracts ribosomes that have a similar 3 letter code of tRNA. The amino acids from tRNA then bond with the mRNA, which then creates a protein chain when a start codon or Methionine is reached. This chain will eventually stop once the stop codon is reached. This will then create a completed protein. In conclusion, even through replication, we are still able to keep our characteristics due to the stationary and unchanging method of replication, which is where we keep the same genetic coding. With the steps of DNA replication, this determines our characteristics, along with our personalities. The more we continue the studying of genetics, we may one day be able to cure disorders before the person is even born or
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