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Neural Tissue Lab Report


Activity 1: The Resting Membrane Potential
Neurons respond to two different ions: potassium(Na+) and sodium(K+). There is usually a higher concentration of Na+ ions outside the cell(extracellularly) which makes the cell more positive, rather than inside the cell(intracellularly) where there is a higher concentration of K+ ions which makes the cell more negative. This is explained as the resting membrane potential of a neuron; where there is a potential deferens of ion concentration. In cells ions will move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration and that is the concentration gradient. If channels permeable to an ion, then it will allow it to diffuse to where the ion
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An action potential is usually started at the initial junction of the axon hillock and with the initial segment that region is called the trigger zone. It is important for a neuron to reach threshold so that the chemical message can be propagated along an axon. If potassium is increased, then depolarization would occur eventually leading to threshold and action potential. An ignition in the action potential in the body normally follows a large depolarizing receptor potential. Activity 8: Ca2+ Levels and Neurotransmitter Release
In order for an axon to send information, it has to release neurotransmitter stored in the synaptic vesicles in the axon terminal. In order for this to occur, Ca2+ ions must first be present in the axon terminal, and an action potential must have been initiated. This experiment will be researching if Ca2+ levels in an extracellular solution will affect the amount of neurotransmitter released at an axon terminal. Will a larger concentration of Ca2+ ions present in the extracellular fluid, induce a greater release of neurotransmitter, and if there is no Ca2+ present in the solution, will no neurotransmitter be released?

Materials & Methods
Activity 1
Extracellular solutions:
High Potassium
Lower sodium
Microelectrode manipulator controller
First place the neuron onto the petri dish, then fill the
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