Dnp Project Proposal Development Project Evaluation

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DNP Project Proposal Development Week 4: Project Evaluation
PICOT Question
For graduate nurses, does the use of high-fidelity simulators compared to low-fidelity simulators lead to better non-technical skills during emergency situation/code blue within ten weeks?
1. Sample The interest population for the study comprises all graduate nurses working in a large health facility in the city. In the clinical environment, nurses ensure continuity of patient care and are involved in various emergency responses. Therefore, it is important that nurses have adequate primary emergency response skills to enhance their clinical competence in managing the needs of patients. This study will assess whether the use of high-fidelity simulators compared to low-fidelity simulators result in graduate nurses with better non-technical skills during emergencies. The researcher will choose a representative sample of graduate nurses from the population to participate in the study. Based on the study’s inclusion criteria, the sample will comprise only male or female graduate nurses working in various wards of the health facility. Notably, the study will exclude all registered nurses at the health facility. The overall sample will comprise 40 graduate nurses. However, power analysis with G*Power indicates that the study should use a sample of 128 graduate nurses.
2. Comparison The study will implement an independent groups design to evaluate the differences in performance between graduate nurses…
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