Do Adopted Kids Commit More Crimes

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Why do people commit crime? The reasons vary from social and those as a result of the economic conditions that an individual is going through. Certain people also have got psychological issues that prompt them to do such things. The genetic make up of people could also make them desire to commit certain types of crimes, (Pavao, 1998).
Children not well looked after in terms of parental care have a higher chance of committing a crime in their early years. In the same way children who are assaulted sexually are more prone to becoming sexual perverts later on .Children who are taken care of by legal guardians who are not their parents; undergo all manners of mental and physical deprivation. In most cases these kids are in deplorable
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One of the issues considered during this study is whether their parents had criminal records both formally and informally. A study done in Iowa, that used the genes traits inherited from parents revealed the existence of a relationship between the parents and the kid’s criminal behavior. For those kids whose parents were known to have a criminal record, their chances of being criminals when they became adults was high, (Curran, 2001). This brings out the possibility of genes influencing the occurrence of antisocial behavior in adopted kids.
There are other reasons why adopted children tend to engage in more crimes as compared to those who live with their biological parents. The secrecy that surrounds the adoption process is another contributor. An example is why siblings marry each other without knowledge leading to incest. However crimes and antisocial behaviors exhibited by most adoptees is what has been the most visible. This behavior has been called “adopted child syndrome” by psychiatrists. This term has been used to describe certain traits which can be seen in most adoptees. They include hostility and an abnormal form of passiveness, (Curran, 2001).Most of these kids have already been harmed by secrecy surrounding their new found families. Usually the child feels obligated to do whatever the foster parents want him or her to do, as a sign of gratitude for adopting him.
There is also another disorder that psychiatrists have discovered in many children who are
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